There is no doubt that the earth is a giving plant. Everything in our life relies on natural products and yet, we are cut off from nature on a daily basis. As we become aware of the importance of nature in our lives; of the happiness, joy and inner richness it gives us; as we understand our need to surround ourselves with green and healthy environment, we know that vertical fields is the ultimate solution. Vertical Field company (VF) is a worldwide pioneer in the designing and building of modular,lush green vertical gardens and fields. Innovative and unique in our approach to creating living walls, we design our own system with VF’s state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology.


To create our unique vertical fields the world over we use advanced technology that we have developed with our partners

Netafim is the global and innovative leader in drip and micro-irrigation solutions.
Haifa Group is an Israeli-based multinational corporation, and a global leading supplier of potassium nitrate
Green Wall Israel is a company that designs and constructs vertical gardens.
Galcon is a leading manufacturer of smart monitoring and control irrigation solutions.


As this planet moves into the future, the demand for space is increasing. Vertical field’s concept “fields of tomorrow” is the ultimate solution. We specialize in designing and building modular, lush green vertical fields and gardens on any indoor or outdoor wall, fance or railing. keeping it natural with our soil-based technology is the key to this solution. our soil-based tech. opening possibilities that have never been possible before.
As an urban farmer, you can take pride in knowing you are growing good health in you own drought-resistant, eco-friendly vertical garden. Did you ever think you would pick your daily serving of veggies off a wall in your home or business?
With endless design possibilities, our vertical fields and gardens can be adapted in your home or business in ways you cannot imagine. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!


Expo Milano 2015 - Vertical Field presents the largest vertical crop field ever constructed



The Vertical Field company has prepared especially for you - the people who love plants, gardening and creativity - a “Vertical Field Do It Yourself” kit. The kit includes: a mesh of size 2 m x 1 m. Planters of appropriate sizes and an irrigation kit that is simple to connect.The mesh is hung on a wall which we want to make bloom with plants. Thereafter you decide how much and what - how many planters to hang and the type of flowering garden that you desire: a herb garden, a garden abundant with colorful flowers, or perhaps a garden that is completely green? You decide and very simply put it together. VF DIY kit is designed for easy assembly and dismantling, and also the design of the wall can be changed without any problem. Furthermore, being aware of the importance of water in the world, the system is designed to use water economically.


With the aid of a decorative mesh, on which planters are installed, the plants can spread and climb, to easily cover walls with maximum aesthetics. Thus the systems provides the wall with a green look, which integrates harmoniously with the environment.

Amongst the advantages of the mesh

An excellent solution for old walls - the mesh, the planters and the plants provide the wall with a green look, aesthetic and full of life. Protects against dust, soot and so forth. Decreases the noise levels which penetrate the building, contributes to the quality of the environment and adds beauty and attractiveness to the environment


Green Box is a  vertical garden that you will be able to place anywhere you wish and grow on it almost every kind of plant/flower. This  smart product comes ready made, planted and flowering (with plants of your choice), with a built in irrigation system. This is a stand-alone system which operates independently and does not require a connection to water/drainage. Green Box’s modular design enables design flexibility and the ability to modify the design if necessary, even after installation. With Green Box you can turn your space into a flowering space and introduce life into the home, office, courtyard and garden. It arrives in one unit and can serve as a colorful and beautiful partition, as a backdrop or as decoration to introduce energy into the space. All you have to do is to pick up the phone and share your green dreams with us.


Green Moss are panels in lichen which do not require irrigation or special light. Vertical Field is specialized in producing natural products integrated with innovative technologies. The lichen is attached in a unique fashion to flexible tiles made of special fabric which can adhere to and implemented on the wall alike regular ceramic, stone tiles or other wall covering materials. The Moss undergoes a stabilization processes which protect the plant gently and provide it with a natural texture. The lichen can be constructed in areas in which there is no water for irrigation. The natural Moss is fed by the humidity in the air and can survive for many years on humidity of 40% and above. The lichen is soft to the touch and has a pleasant texture. Vertical Field is continuing to lead integration of innovative technologies in order to create a design for easy and convenient use of natural materials and plants.


Our interior projects combine nature, smart technology and our active system Plantsfilter.


The combination of beauty, nature and advanced solution for the urban agriculture, for thermal and acoustic insulation.



Vertical field is on the cutting edge of design and manufacturing technology. Our systems are produced from the finest poly carbon Materials, are light weight and U.V. protected. Operated by smart computers which precisely measure the amount of water needed in each planter, our systems are easily maintained. Unoccupied planters are identified by the system which directs the roots of neighboring planters to them thus enhancing your plant life. Keeping it natural with the help of our soil-based technology, we are able to grow almost any plant in any climate. An arrogated system distributes air equally providing the perfect growing conditions. With endless design possibilities our vertical fields and gardens can be adapted in your home or business in ways you can not imagine. Here's to growing good health! For more information, please contact us:


Vertical Field has built more than 200 projects all over the world!
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