Netafim kompanija je globalni i inovativni lider u kap-po-kap i mikro sistemima za navodnjavanje. Sa 28 kancelarija, 16 proizvodnih pogona i preko 4000 zaposlenih širom sveta, Netafim kompanija nudi najsavremnija tehnološka rešenja u svojoj oblasti u preko 110 zemalja širom sveta. Zahvaljujući revolucionarnoj kap-po-kap tehnologiji koju su inicirali još pre 50 godina po začetku stvaranja kompanije, Netafim sarađuje sa milionima uzgajivača, prodavaca i partnera i nudi visoko razvijena rešenja sistema za navodnjavanje i komplementarnih sistema, koji se koriste u poljoprivredi, pejzažnoj arhitekturi i rudarstvu.


Crop Management Technology (CMT) Solutions

Netafim is a leading global provider of comprehensive computerized and hydraulic agricultural solutions, accompanied by professional support and consultation services, which are suitable for:

  • Varied plot and crop types
  • Small-to-large-scale projects
  • Diverse open-field and greenhouse applications

Netafim is the only irrigation company that addresses all automation product segments – management, monitoring and control, and Fertigation. The company’s line of reliable, high-end irrigation and dosing systems delivers the right amount of water and nutrients at the right time, leading to better and higher crop yields. Netafim’s industry-leading CMT offering includes NetaJet™ and FertiKit™ Dosing systems, the rNet real-time monitoring and decision-making system, and uManage™ end-to-end monitoring software.


Drip Irrigation of Rice

Rice is one of the world’s most widely consumed staple foods. Providing 20% of all the calories consumed by human beings, the grain is typically irrigated by highly inefficient, environmentally-unfriendly flooding. Rice production consumes nearly one-third of the world’s entire fresh water supply, and wetland rice field cultivation is responsible for 1.5% of the planet’s anthropogenic methane emissions, which are 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

As the global leader in irrigation, Netafim has been collaborating with companies and research institutions to make drip technology a viable alternative for irrigating rice. Given that 98% of all rice fields belong to smallholder farms (1ha-500ha), improving the grain’s irrigation efficiency would go a long way in combating food scarcity.

Based on results of demo projects conducted by Netafim and its partners, drip offers many clear economic and environmental benefits compared to flooding.

Economic Benefits

  • ~100% or greater increase in productivity
  • 50-70% less water usage
  • Greater nutrient savings
  • Ability to grow on sloped, sandy land
  • Less system maintenance and labor inputs

Environmental benefits

  • Lower greenhouse (e.g. methane) gas emissions
  • Less leaching and runoff of fertilizers and pesticides
  • Reduced nitrogen usage
  • Lower metal absorption by roots
  • Less arsenic uptake



As part of Expo Milano 2015, Netafim is partnering with Parco Tecnologico Padano (PTP) on the Lombardy Demonstration Initiative (LoDI) 2015. The project aims to present new agricultural methods for the over-900 million smallholders worldwide, particularly with younger-generation farmers uninterested in carrying out hard, physical labor.

The Demo Field Agriculture of Tomorrow is a dedicated area of 12.000 m2 to display the main trends of sustainable agriculture of the future offour of the most relevant crops at the global level -rice, maize, soybean, sorghum- and five amongst the plants yielding high value food products: tomato, apple, strawberry, lupines and hop.The Demo Field shows the integration of innovative technologies for the targeted fertilization and the optimisation of sustainability making use of drip irrigation and demonstrates solar-powered irrigation for when electricity is unavailable.


Vigo 2015

10 hectares in subirrigation and 20 on surface. Subsurface irrigation will be visible at the start by plexiglass cover. Here will be visible filtration system with preassembled gravel filters, fertigation system and a control system with Oasis radio for a completely automatic system. The project aims to produce 20 t / ha of corn grain of high quality.


FoodPeople Exhibition at Milan’s Leonardo da Vinci National Science and Technology Museum

Finally, Netafim is one of the sponsors of the #FoodPeople Exhibition at Milan’s Leonardo da Vinci National Science and Technology Museum. Opened in April, the exhibition explores the complexity of the food system, including the technologies impacting how the world produces, processes and consumes food. Among the innovations presented is drip irrigation, which was introduced by Netafim 50 years ago. In looking at food of the future, the exhibition notes the key role drip will play in fighting food, water and arable land scarcity in the future.

For more information about Netafim’s activities during Expo 2015, please contact Netafim Italy’s Marketing Communications Manager, Stefania de Pirro, at or at +39-0185-929431.